List of accepted posters
Operating Trials For Optimizing Recovery Boiler NOx & CO Emissions
John Kulig, Babcock & Wilcox
Advanced measurements for new biorefining technologies: regulatory issues and
   process improvement for 21st century industries
Thomas Dunder, TRC Companies
Reduction of s02 emissions
Wenli Duo, FPInnovations
Fundamental study of electrostatic precipitators
Ezzat Jaroudi
Optimizing Kraft Mill Existing Assets as a Platform for New Biorefinery Technologies
Zoé Périn-Levasseur, Industrial Systems Optimization Group- CanmetENERGY
Acoustic modeling of dissolving tank sound
Brian Wang, University of Toronto
Factors affecting biomass combustion and boiler operation
Naz Orang, University of Toronto
Calcium carbonate scale formation in causticizing plant equipment
Alisha Giglio, University of Toronto