Manuscript = author’s text
Presentation = PowerPoint presentation

Log in to EPAC (PAPTAC’s Manuscript, Presentation and Speaker management system) following the instructional email sent you.
Upload an electronic copy of your manuscript as per set deadlines and ensure your document has a 1”margin all around.
Upload your final PowerPoint presentation as per set deadlines. Prepare your presentation in compliance with the guidelines and the anti-trust policy.
Accept the “Author Release Text” permission option.
It is mandatory for the manuscripts to be part of the Conference PrePrints and for PowerPoint presentations to be displayed during your presentation; however; while encouraged, it is not obligatory to grant permission for your manuscript and/or PowerPoint to be accessible on-line after the conference.
The title that appears on the final submittal of the manuscript will be the title reflected in the Conference PrePrints and the Program. Updated revisions of either the manuscript or the PowerPoint presentation may continue to be uploaded, if necessary, to EPAC until the start of the conference; but printed material will be not updated.
Upload your biography to your EPAC profile.
Format your final original manuscript in accordance to the Guidelines, particularly if you wish to be considered for publication in J-FOR.
Comply with the Anti-trust Policy at all times during the conference.